Family Dreamscapes: Commissioned Artworks

A captivating portrait of a family's life and memories.
Example #1
Each artwork is bursting with colourful stories, joyously intertwined. Every element has a meaning for the family. And perhaps only they can truly appreciate this window into their life: when they look at the artwork in its totality, they see their collective memories presented back to them as a joyous landscape of meaning.

Example #2

Perhaps the greatest reward for Leon is to see how long people will spend exploring The greatest reward for leon is how long people will spend looking at the single artwork, exploring its details, getting lost in its world. The artworks can be made to almost any size.

Example #3

After extensive (and enjoyable) interviews, Leon goes off to his studio to recast the life of the family in an exuberant new light.

Example #4

Other stories that could be told through this lens include family histories, the history of an organisation or pieces of literature.